Chrissy Teigen Goes Off on ‘Miserable’ QAnon ‘Sh*tfucks’ For Suggesting She Runs ‘Pedo Ring’ With Husband John Legend


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Model and actress Chrissy Teigen published a seven-post Twitter rant, Tuesday, slamming fringe QAnon supporters for suggesting that she and her husband John Legend run a “pedo ring.”

“u know what is not great? I still have to read on social media many times a day that John and I are pedophiles and look at photoshopped/miscaptioned photos of us on ‘Epstein Island’ and I just have to deal with it because ‘people are crazy these days,'” Teigen declared. “if I take legal action, it gets worse because then, to them, it’s true and I’m trying to ‘silence’ them. It’s on posts about anything. Random 90 days fan pages, meme accounts, anything. Even if the content is normal, the comments are….this shit.”

“I had a real life before this. I mean…going to the grocery store and shit, parks alone with my kids. now I have a list of people in my area who genuinely believe we are in a pedo ring that is always *ALMOST* about to be exposed,” she continued, adding, “it’s not just weirdos in random towns. these people are all over.”

Teigen further expressed, “I hate what some people have become and what social has done for this kind of reach. it sucks. and now they’ll post this too, and it’ll get even worse. I’m just so fucking tired.”

“I have a love justice. when people do wrong, I need them to know they’re wrong. this isn’t a good or bad thing, but it’s me/. the fact I have to learn to let people get away with shit like this is insane to me. it makes me ill inside. yep, they’re just crazy! don’t worry bout em!” she concluded. “anyhow that is my morning rant. fuck you, fucking miserable Q shitfucks, you absolute fucking losers.”

BBC sports broadcaster and former professional English football player Gary Lineker expressed solidarity with Teigen, commenting “These f**king times,” along with MythBusters star Adam Savage, who posted, “I’m sorry for what your family goes through. You’re fighting the right fight. I stand beside you!”

The QAnon community comprises of a sizeable fringe political movement, which promotes various conspiracy theories– primarily that a government figure named “Q” is working behind the scenes to destroy the “deep state.”

Many QAnon supporters also believe in PizzaGate-style conspiracy theories which claim there are institutional Satanic sex rings for the Hollywood and government elite, maintained by A-list actors, musicians, and politicians.

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