SNL’s Send-up of 2020 Democrats Features Larry David as Bernie Sanders and Marianne Williamson Astral-Projecting


Saturday Night Live’s send-up of the 2020 Democrats included host Woody Harrelson as Joe Biden, Larry David making a return as Sen. Bernie Sanders , and an astral-projecting Marianne Williamson.

The sketch prominently featured SNL alum Maya Rudolph as Sen. Kamala Harris, delivering a number of her succinct call-outs from Harris’ earlier debates reframed as titles for legal dramas on various TV networks, even describing herself as a “walking talking TNT drama.”

Harrelson also recited a rambling version of Biden’s “Corn Pop” story.

“The year is 1962. I’m lifeguarding. No shirt. Tan chest. Medium nips. … Oh, and I should point out that it was a segregated pool, just to put everyone on the edge for the rest of the story.
So I’m lifeguarding and who walks in but Corn Pop? … So I see Corn Pop, and he’s carrying a switchblade next to a kid named Drumstick wearing brass knuckles. Again, I’m not going to say the races of the kids, but from the nicknames and the types of weapons you should be able to fill in the blanks. … OK, sorry, anyway, long story short — Barack.”

“Remember when everyone thought I was going to be the one who seemed out of touch? This guy makes me look like Drake,” Larry David as Sanders responded.

Though none of the lower tier candidates were given much of a chance to say more than one sentence, newly-debuting Chloe Fineman made an impression as Marianne Williamson on the astral plane.

“Here’s how I will impeach Donald Trump. I will trap his soul inside this crystal. …. So this November, vote for magic,” Williamson said.

“And those are our choices, America. Good luck,” Cecily Strong as CNN’s Erin Burnett concluded.

Watch above, via NBC

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