Trump Campaign’s Count Every Vote/Stop the Counting Strategy Was Literally an Episode of Veep


Veep fans are beginning to draw parallels between the hit HBO show and the 2020 presidential election, especially since the Trump campaign has demanded that poll workers both count every vote and stop counting the votes — scenes straight from the Nev-AD-a and Mother episodes.

In the episodes’ storyline, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s character, presidential incumbent Selina Meyer, wins the popular vote, but still needs Nevada’s electoral votes to secure the election — prompting her to demand a recount in the state.

Throughout the show’s fifth season, Meyers plants protesters to either chant “count every vote” or “stop counting the votes,” depending on new information and whatever option would be more helpful to the campaign.

As it becomes clear that uncounted absentee military ballots will ultimately strip her from a win in the swing state, Meyer switches up her strategy and orders her team to stop the recount.

“You’re going to cancel this recount like Anne Frank’s bat mitzvah,” she screams, in her typical controversial fashion.“I’m tired of losing things!”

As the real-life 2020 election drama continues to unfold, President Donald Trump, his team members, and his supporters have leaned on a very similar strategy, depending on each state’s vote count:

On Thursday morning, Trump posted a “stop the count” tweet, which, if that actually happened immediately, would result in his losing the 2020 election.

“This is so classic – Trump supporters doing some weird performative protests trying to get the government to stop counting legal ballots. But the amazing thing is that Biden is winning in Michigan now. So if they stopped counting, Biden would win the state. Real 3-D chess there,” Washington Post columnist Brian Klaas tweeted.

Many Veep fans, including Louis-Dreyfus herself, have taken to Twitter to share the hilarious and uncanny parallels:

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