Meme Watch: The 10 Best #FakeDCBars Tweets


Earlier this week Huffington Post reporter Elise Foley started innocently tweet-shaming DC for having ridiculously obvious bar names. Policy, Recess, and Recessions are all real-life DC bars, she pointed out, tweeting “nerds, all of you!” DC being chock full o’ nerds is definitely nothing new, but who knew the nation’s fine capital was also teeming with meme-busters ready to fill the letter, number, and diagonal State-named streets with even dopier drinking establishments?

Even this editor right here, a DC native, was not expecting #FakeDCBars to turn into such… a thing. But our friends down I-95 had other ideas. Here we are two days later and the followers are still eking out their ideas before the weekend. (They know none of these bars will exist this weekend, right?).

Here’s a sampling of our favorites from the food scene meme du jour. The originator owned her brainchild, making the list twice, and her first is our favorite. We would def have bloodies with Elise at The Furlough. Call us?

The Political Variety:

The Meme Decoded Variety:

The True Facts About DC Variety:

The Novelist Variety:

The You Might Work In A Restaurant Variety:

*Full disclosure, I know this dude.

The Journalist Variety:

The Tweet Came From Inside The Braiser Variety:

The Original, And The Best:

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