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Oh, The Places He’ll Go: 17 Dangerous Locations CNN Should Send Anthony Bourdain

As he wrapped up filming the last episode ever of No Reservations last week, Anthony Bourdain tweeted one of the reasons he’s joined CNN, and it’s not so that he can become the latest hologram in their celebrity collection: “We are all assuming a worldwide news organization can get us into locales we otherwise might have problems with.”

Oh man! Does this mean that Bourdain is donning a khaki vest with multiple pockets and a neckerchief to go to the most dangerous places on Earth? (Ed Note: Fingers crossed for a disaster tee!) We don’t know what that will mean for the CNN version of No Reservations, but we do know that CNN can send its correspondents anywhere.┬áSeriously: ANYWHERE. Let’s ponder that possibility, shall we? Hmmm…..

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