A Brief Look At The Complicated Relationship Between Chefs And Doughnuts

It’s National Doughnut Day and do you know what we’ve discovered at The Braiser? Celebrity chefs really like gourmet-ifying other classic American staple desserts, like pies, cupcakes, and whoopee pies (which is basically the love child of pies and cupcakes). But few have tackled the doughnut. 

In fact, most celebrity chefs have a publicly troubled relationship with the very American doughnut, choosing to call whatever deep-fried dough thing they put on their menu a beignet. (Beignets are a wonderful New Orleans pastry which are far more delicate and artisanal. Also, they’re French. So there.) Maybe the doughnut is associated with the worst, unhealthiest aspects of American cuisine?

Whatever it is, we’ve noticed that doughnuts and celebrity chefs never really mix. Here are four examples of this observation in action, and one prominent exception to the rule. Happy Doughnut Day! (Or, if you’re a hipster, “Happy Artisanal Beignet Day.”)

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