Unlikely Restaurateur Of The Day: Bachelor Pad Star Chris Bukowski


Yes, ladies, it’s true: now you can go contract Hepatitis B dine at Bachelor Pad villain Chris Bukowski’s very own restaurant. At just 26 years old, Chris has accumulated a lifetime of achievements we can only dream of: a stint on The Bachelorette, a finalist on The Bachelor Petri Dish Pad 3, and now, his own restaurant venture with Washington DC area Chef Dimitri Moshovitis. We know you think it couldn’t possibly get any better than a Bachelor Pad resto, but it does, so please stick with us.

First of all, he’s ripping off taking cues off Eva Longoria’s new steakhouse, and opening his new sports bar/night club as a “ladies’ style” establishment. What in the what does that mean? It means the bar-themed menu will feature (best read in douchebro voice) “not just wings and potato skins” but (okay, really channel Guy Fieri on this one) “really nice edgy food that women would like.”

Oh man, we really love nice, edgy food, don’t we ladies? Three cheers for gendered foods! …Or not.

Second of all (and yes, there is a second of all), Chris isn’t just opening this restaurant in Washington, DC with himself and a chef at the helm. That would be foolish! He’s bringing on weathered restaurant industry veterans to guide him! Oh, wait, no, just kidding. He’s bringing on Bachelorette alumni Kalon McMahon and Ed Swiderski as partners/investors.

Well this seems like a great idea. We’ll be shocked if it closes within a year. Shocked. Our lady palates are all a-twitter over this one.

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