Chris Cosentino’s Dream Resto: ‘A Nun, A Family, A Plumber, A Lawyer & A Hooker All Sit Comfortably At The Bar’

Presumably, Chris Cosentino watched his first restaurant dream-baby come into the world when he put the Leg of Beast dining experience on the menu at Incanto. But he divulged his innermost cheffy hopes for his next great venture in a quickie Q&A with Food & Wine.

Said Chris of his dream restaurant:

I would love to create a restaurant where you could have a nun, a family, a plumber, a lawyer and a hooker all sit comfortably at the same bar. On Martha’s Vineyard I used to go to this tiny diner that sold the best T-shirt in the world: A cartoon of Dracula, a drunk, a fly fisherman, a dressed-up woman, and two kids and a dad, all sitting at the counter. That’s the ultimate in hospitality.

We, too, would take a seat at that bar, and proceed to engage in a lively Twitter back-and-forth from our smartphones with Chris Cosentino’s Dimples (@offaldimples) over dinner.

It’s perhaps thanks to his hardcore culinary ass-kicking at Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island that he embraces a more relaxed atmosphere in his establishments.

“In those days, culinary school was like military life,” Chris griped. “They would check our faces with a credit card to see if we needed to shave. We had to press our coats, pants and aprons, and that kerchief had to be perfection. If we had a stain on our white coat we were sent home, even if it was espagnole sauce made in class.”

Ew, did they disinfect the credit card between different student face checks?

[Food & Wine]

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