Geoffrey Zakarian To Host Dinner For Marvel Editors And NYC Comic-Con Fans

Do you know what goes well with delicious food? Wine? Sparkling, engaging conversation? Spectacular service? Beautiful environment? How about the editors of Marvel Comics as your dining companions, ready to indulge your conversations about the Fantastic Four and Captain America?

Because if you’re a huge nerd going to New York Comic-Con next month, and have $575 extra dollars to burn, you can join Geoffrey Zakarian at the gorgeous private room in the Lambs Club for a four-course dinner with three of Marvel’s editorial staffers: editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, editor and talent scout C.B. Cebulski, and writer Jonathan Hickman. (Insert your ownAvengers, assemble!” jokes about the talent here.)

Sadly, only sixteen people get to join Team Marvel and Zakarian for the ultimate nerd luxury dinner, complete with hors d’oureves and hours of debating the winner of a fight between Wolverine and Deadpool while wearing tuxedoes. Actually, you don’t have to wear anything more formal than a tie and jacket, but this is the only time that you’ll ever get to talk comic books with the editors of Marvel while drinking expensive wine and dressing like Bruce Wayne. (I know, he’s a DC Comics character, but whatever, it’s characterization.)

(Okay, you care. You can dress like Tony Stark. Or Charles Xavier. Or even Warren Worthington III. Just don’t come to the Lambs Club in full-on cosplay; you’ll embarrass yourself.)

Tickets go on sale on September 5th and I’m officially jealous.

[New York Comic-Con]

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