Twitter Is Having a Field Day With SCOTUS Spider-Man Decision


The Supreme Court is set to make several monumental decisions this week and next regarding same-sex marriage and Obamacare. Until then, there’s Spider-Man.

On Monday morning the SCOTUS announced its 6-3 ruling in Kimble v. Marvel, inventor Steve Kimble‘s copyright claim against the comics and entertainment behemoth regarding royalties due for a popular Spider-Man “web shooter” toy. Yes, this was a Supreme Court case, and the SCOTUS ruled against Kimble’s attempt to siphon money from Marvel despite his patent having long ago expired.

The case is obviously a target for humor, especially since Justice Elena Kagan‘s ruling is rife with comics references and jokes. (For example, she quotes the damned annoying “With great power…” line.) Many of the best ones have been filtering through Twitter all morning:

[h/t USA Today, Twitter]
[Image via Marvel Comics]

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