HYPOCRISY ALERT: Top Chef Seattle’s John ‘Sustainability’ Tesar Flies His Restaurant’s Fish Into Dallas From California


What perfect timing for a sustainability fail of epic proportions.

Remember John Tesar’s big, self-righteous rant against Stefan for using frozen tuna from Japan in last week’s Top Chef: Seattle Elimination Challenge? And how he insisted that he wasn’t scandalized because a Top Chef was using frozen fish for a challenge, but because a Top Chef dared to use fish that wasn’t sustainable?

Allow us to grace you with this direct quote from John about his new seafood restaurant, Spoon Bar & Kitchen, which opened in Dallas last month.

“For lots of our guests, this is something new and different,” he told The Daily Meal. “We fly in our fish directly from California, and don’t use any local purveyors. When you walk in, you don’t smell fish, and that’s the way it should be.”

…Do we even have to say anything here? Can this be something we present without comment? Is the distinctive scent of stinky hypocrisy cheese wafting to all of your noses right now? GOOD, because this is HILARIOUS.

We’d like to point out that he didn’t just say “oh, we fly fish in from California for the freshest dining experience possible in a landlocked city.” He specifically and proudly announces that he doesn’t use any local purveyors! Why not use gulf fish?! Hey, we get it; the Gulf of Mexico isn’t exactly close to Dallas. But you know what it is closer than? CALIFORNIA.

We’re having brain-aches, so we have to go now. But we’re pretty sure this gets Stefan way, way off the hook, and proves that Tesar is the walking human dillweed of this season’s Top Chef.

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