Gun Advocates Petition White House To Deport Piers Morgan For His ‘Attack’ On Second Amendment

Gun Advocates Petition White House To Deport Piers For His 'Attack' On 2nd Amendment

A new petition has begun on the White House website to deport Piers Morgan for his “effort to undermine the Bill of Rights.” Morgan, who has been a staunch advocate of increased gun control legislation since the Newtown tragedy, has been targeted for deportation by Americans who believe he is engaging in a “hostile attack” against the Second Amendment.

The petition demands that Morgan “be deported immediately” It claims he is “exploiting his position as a national network television host to stage attacks against the rights of the American citizens.” It has been signed by 6,181 people so far, but in order for the White House to respond, a petition must be signed by 25,000 Americans within 30 days.

Morgan has Tweeted several responses to the petition, including one asking signers why his First Amendment rights are not valued as highly as their Second Amendment rights.

He’s also corrected the grammar of at least one of his opponents, admonishing him on the differences between “your” and “you’re”:

Morgan doesn’t seem too concerned with the petition, instead choosing to focus on the positive. He thanked followers for the fact that while over 6,000 Americans might wish him to leave, far more want him to stay:

The CNN host also retweeted several posts from users who agree with his views on guns.

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