José Andrés Becomes US Citizen; We Hope This Country Doesn’t Disappoint Him

Last night, the great Spanish chef José Ramón Andrés Puerta — better known as José Andrés  — became a citizen of the United States, the greatest country that ever existed, and the greatest country that will hopefully be in existence twenty years from now.

He confirmed with with a shout-out on Twitter to Americans: “People of America! 4 hours ago my wife and I became AMERICAN CITIZENS…thanks to all for being part of our world!”

Hundreds of fans and friends congratulated Andrés for joining this messed-up country, because damnit, it’s our messed-up country and it still rocks. (Speaking of messed-up, Andrés’s citizenship ceremony was delayed in October due to the government shutdown. But we were going to give him US citizenship anyway, because why would we turn away the man who single-handedly created the tapas industry in America, and flies around on a jet pack? Seriously.)

In conclusion, as an American citizen, Andrés now needs to learn to love all of the things listed in this song from the great patriotic movie Team America: World Police. Warning: there be cussing.

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