Last Call: The Sight Of Prince Harry Baking Cookies In An Apron Will Instantly Get You Pregnant

Telegraph: Prince Harry. In a pink Paddington Bear apron. Baking cookies with children at a school for the deaf. Warning: NSF needy ovaries.

Wall Street Journal: Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present to you Richard “Millenial Girl 4eva” Blais’ taste in running music: “On long runs I like music with no lyrics, like Explosions in the Sky or other indie rock instrumental stuff. But I also like bands like MGMT and early ’90s hip hop.”

New York Daily News: Would you like to count along with us the number of animals that died to make this single pair of kicks for Beyonce? They contain calf hair, ostrich, crocodile, anaconda, and stingray skins. Et tu, foie gras protesters?

Eater: Food Network has announced the line-up of this season’s Chopped All-Stars, where each episode of the tournament will pit four Food Network chefs, most likely featured on another recent Food Network cooking competition, against each other. Recycling chefs: it’s good for the environment.

Uproxx: Not only did Uproxx put together a slideshow of Archer-inspired meals, but they also got Anthony Bourdain to review them in honor of his Archer guest stint, which kicks off tomorrow night. We have been owned.

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