Last Call: Sotheby’s To Auction Off All Of elBulli’s Worldly Possessions

Eater: Sotheby’s is auctioning off elBulli memorabilia this April, with lots including chefs’ jackets, dinner with Ferran Adria at Tickets, and the crockery for spherical olives. Our question: are they leaving enough stuff behind for movie props?

New York Times: Rich Torrisi already has a restaurant in his group with partner Mario Carbone named after him, so it’s only natural that Mario finally get some love. The pair will open Carbone this Friday in the West Village. Keep an eye out for the Zac Posen-designed servers’ uniforms.

Business Week: You know you want to check out this lengthy profile of Sriracha kingpin David Tran and his impressive condiment empire. Knowing that sriracha was sent into space will certainly leave you the most impressively well-read of your hipster dining crowd.

The Daily Meal: Proving that they have no boundaries whatsoever, McDonald’s will soon open a franchise on a sacred mountaintop in China. Thankfully, McDonald’s is leasing a pre-existing fast food space on the sacred mountaintop, not bulldozing any spirit life. (The spirits of communism, however, are none too pleased.)

Grub Street NY: Bobby Flay‘s going solo with a restaurant in Noho. “You Only Live Once” ain’t the motto, it’s called Bolo. And it’s a reboot of a Spanish restaurant he’d previously tried to open, too, so…#YOLT?

Crain’s Cleveland: Learn more about Derek Clayton, the man behind Michael Symon’s restaurant empire. How crucial is Clayton? So crucial, that every bite of food from any of the Symon restaurants contains “95% [Symon], 5% [Clayton].” To be fair, we couldn’t tell the difference — Clayton is just as bald and goatee’d as Symon.

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