Last Call: Chicago Restaurant Puts Communion Wafer on Cheeseburger

Grub Street: Popular amongst Chicago’s most die-hard music nerds, heavy metal burger joint Kuma’s Corner has begun serving a wine-glazed, communion wafer-topped burger. It’s for all the times you eat a cheeseburger and go, “Man, this tastes great, but it would taste even better with the body and blood of Christ, Our Lord and Savior, the only Son of God.” (Jesus: the new Ramen.)

Huffington Post: Related to the above, they (we don’t really know who “they” is) found 6000-year-old wine in Greece. THIS WINE IS OLDER THAN LITERAL JESUS.

Eater: The folks at Eater did some investigating into The Case Of Gordon Ramsay’s Lost Michelin Stars, which is apparently confusing the world at large, which doesn’t really make any sense to us or them. We’re just glad someone pointed out that, uh, Ramsay doesn’t really work there. Did you realize that the Top Chef: New Orleans cast house is located directly on Bourbon Street? And you thought they cheftestants weren’t getting any sleep before…

Sad and Useless: How the beer you drink is an indicator of your personality quirks, from fighting bears to liking Nietzsche.

Slate: Mastering the Art of French Cooking was not always known as Mastering the Art of French Cooking. As this list of rejected titles reveals, Julia Child’s masterpiece could have been called Cooking is My Hobby, which honestly sounds like the name of a middling food blog.


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