Stephen Port Accused of Murder, Appeared on Celebrity MasterChef? [Video]


Former MasterChef contestant, Stephen Port is making headlines and it’s not for his cooking, he’s allegedly a serial killer!

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, look back at this episode of Celebrity MasterChef that aired in June. The 40-year-old chef helped the celebrity chefs make spaghetti and meatballs for bus drivers.

Now Port is accused of poisoning, abusing and dumping the bodies of four gay men he met on a dating app called Grindr. Reports state that he met up with his victims, invited them back to his place where he gave them lethal dosages of GHB (also known as liquid ecstasy) and then have sex with them, before dumping the bodies in a churchyard.

The incidences occurred over a 15 month period. Foul play was ruled out by authorities for the first two victims, but family members were still suspicious of the murders.

Moreover, Port is believed to have worked as a male escort charging £100 for a session. The 40-year-old chef turned serial killer was arrested last Thursday, but images of his appearance on BBC’s MasterChef hit the media earlier today.

Unfortunately this is the second chef scandal reported this month involving the Grindr dating app. Just two weeks ago news broke of Matthew Tivy having sexual relations with an underage boy in the parking lot of a Best Buy in the Bronx.

It gets worse; the 54-year-old chef is also being charged with attempting to recruit other men to have sex with a 14-year-old boy in New Jersey. Tivy allegedly also exchanged porn with teenage boys.

Port will face a jury for the four murders sometime in April 2016.

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