WATCH: Every Single Food Commercial from Super Bowl 48


We chuckled, we cried, we needed showers after learning that dudes who look like walking Axe commercials not only exist in the wild, but also get kidnapped for elaborately executed Bud Light commercials. Are we giving too much away? Check out the full list of Super Bowl 48 Ads: Just the Food Commercials edition, below. (And compare to last year’s!)

Bud Light Up For Whatever: full, director’s cut edition.

Doritos fan-made commercial #1.

Cheerios: Gracie.

Bud Light: Cool Twist.

Wonderful Pistachios: Get Crackin’ with Stephen Colbert, Parts 1 and 2.

M&Ms: Delivery.

Coca-Cola: It’s Beautiful (racist backlash can be found here).

Remember the time Olympians endorsed putting Fritos on your Subway sandwich?

Pepsi: There Since the First Halftime (Sidebar: remember how terrible Leatherheads was?)

Mandy Patinkin’s sweet sweet bear growl hawking us Chobani.

Awkward grandma flatulence for Heinz.

The Budweiser commercial that made us cry tears to wash away the bro stench of the last one.

Coca-Cola’s resurrection of House of Pain’s “Jump Around” that we never needed.

Butterfinger’s adorable attempts at cheeky swingerdom is great for most of America, tame for the staggering population of poly OKCupid couples, and terrible for the guy who left this comment on YouTube: “so butterfinger and chocolate are bisexual? well count me out for trying butterfinger cups. this ruins it for me. fucking fags i hate em all.” And a good day to you, sir!

The Dannon Oikos commercial that simultaneously stirred our Full House-loving hearts and killed our Uncle Jesse boners.

Scar-Jo’s “banned” SodaStream commercial (uncensored version below).

The Budweiser horsies + puppies.

Doritos fan-made commercial #2.

Honorable Mention: Anna Kendrick, being awesome, on behalf of Newcastle Brown Ale.

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