WATCH: Today Show Uses Paula Deen Interview To Report On George Zimmerman, ‘Post-Racial Society’

The Today Show continues to run with its Paula Deen interview analysis for day two, after calling in a slew of experts yesterday to give on-the-ground reactions immediately following Paula’s segment.

This morning, Mara Schiavocampo introduced a package with the statement: “Paula Deen, as well as two Supreme Court decisions, and the George Zimmerman murder trial are stoking deep divisions when it comes to race and raising the question of just how far we’ve come.”

First of all, Mara, you’re mixing metaphors with “stoking” and “deep divisions.” Second of all, ONE OF THOSE THINGS SEEMS NOT LIKE THE OTHERS. But we now live in a world where Paula Deen racism is looped in with the Voting Rights Act and the George Zimmerman case. Sure, why not. Check out her segment below.

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Then, to follow that up, Matt Lauer moderated an almost-Today’s Professionals segment (minus Nancy Snyderman, plus MSNBC’s Touré) delving into whether or not we live in a “post-racial society.” Touré, again, brought up the Southern Plantation Wedding as Paula’s most offensive statement, and fretted that the VRA would only encourage similar modes of thinking.

Star Jones denies that America is colorblind. Donny Deutsch praises millenials (HOORAY!) for being the most racially progressive generation of them all. Are we really still talking about Paula Deen, guys?

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And, finally, we enter day three of Kathie Lee Gifford clinging to her Paula Deen defense argument about “the truth” versus “the lies,” and how, if we’re spreading lies about Paula Deen, then we’re being unfair. KATHIE. FOR THE LAST TIME. She was deposed. She expressed a bunch of totally racist viewpoints — either out of ignorance or bigotry — herself. There is no hearsay at play, here. Paula Deen dug her own grave in a deep and vast container of finishing butter.

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