Andrea Mitchell Blasts White House’s ‘Unseemly Political Pressure’ on FDA Over Vaccine, Apologizes for Editorializing

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell calmly ripped the Trump administration for what appears to be “unseemly political pressure” on the Food and Drug Administration over approval of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine, and did so in strong enough terms that she apologized — albeit with a laugh — for offering “my editorial pitch.”

On Tuesday’s edition of Andrea Mitchell Reports, the host wrapped up a segment by asking MSNBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker about a White House meeting between FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn and Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

“Briefly, even as the CDC advisory board importantly this afternoon is going to be announcing their recommended priorities for vaccine distribution, you’ve got Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff, calling in FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn, Dr. Hahn, calling him on the carpet” Mitchell said, and asked “What is this all about, the Pfizer rollout and authorization of it, it just seems like unseemly political pressure on the scientists.”

“We know that among the questions that Mark Meadows and the president have raised, why is the Pfizer vaccine authorization not being moved more quickly along, and so I anticipate that would be at the forefront of the discussion,” Weker said, and went on to add that “we wouldn’t be surprised if that meeting was tense because, again, it comes against the backdrop of President Trump and his chief of staff aiming to push that process more quickly.”

After a lengthy pause, Mitchell calmly but emphatically told Welker and her panel what she thought of the meeting.

“You would think, you would think, Kristen, Jeff, and Phil, that they would understand that the markets go up with the vaccine production and authorization precisely because the scientists are in charge, and the scientists are delivering.”

“And that people are suspicious and need to be assured, don’t need to see former Congress members and White House chiefs of staff pressuring scientists who are just distinguished medical doctors,” Mitchell added, then after another pause, told her panel “Well, sorry, that was my editorial pitch.”

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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