Biden Victory Likely by End of Friday, Byron York Tells Fox News


After winning overnight gains in Pennsylvania and Georgia, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is likely to win the election by the end of the day, Byron York told Fox News Friday morning.

“It’s very, very close to the end, it appears,” York, a columnist for The Washington Examiner, said in a segment with Fox’s Sandra Smith. “There [are] major developments overnight with Joe Biden taking a very narrow lead in Georgia and Pennsylvania. If that’s the case, if that continues and Joe Biden wins Pennsylvania, then he wins the presidency. He is over 270 electoral votes.

“The smallest of the states in question is Nevada, which has six electoral votes,” York noted. “Any one of these states, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, any one of those is going to put … Biden over the top.”

He added that Biden’s victory could be apparent by the end of Friday, but that President Donald Trump may opt to continue challenging the outcome in court rather than concede.

“I think it actually could come today,” York said. “That doesn’t mean the president comes out and concedes today. There will be a lot of pressure on him to do that. But we’ve had races in the past where the losing candidate did not concede for a while. Waited for some challenges to take place. Waited for what’s called canvassing to take place in a lot of local areas. So it doesn’t mean everything is wrapped up in a string. But it appears to me that Biden reaching 270 is getting pretty darn close.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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