CNN’s Oliver Darcy Shreds ABC’s David Muir For Failure to ‘Prosecute’ Trump in Interview


ABC’s David Muir should have used his Tuesday interview with President Donald Trump to “prosecute” the president on his handling of the coronavirus, CNN’s Oliver Darcy said in his Tuesday newsletter.

“When he sat down to interview President Trump, David Muir had an enormous responsibility on his hands. Muir had been granted Trump’s first television interview outside the Fox-verse since the coronavirus pandemic upended American life,” Darcy wrote. “The interview came as the U.S. death toll passed 71,000 in the United States. It came as White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett said the April jobs report could show an unemployment rate of 20 percent. And it came as news emerged that the Trump administration was phasing out the coronavirus task force despite evidence the virus is still ravaging the country.”

He added, “Muir’s interview was an opportunity to prosecute Trump on these issues and his conduct amid the crisis. It was an opportunity to ask him important Q’s and hold his feet to the fire. … But Muir missed. The interview didn’t elicit any big news. Muir didn’t challenge Trump in any meaningful way. And worst of all, Muir allowed the president to float brazen misinformation with no pushback to his 10 million+ viewers.”

Muir pressed Trump on a range of issues, including whether he reacted early enough to the coronavirus pandemic. Several CNN staffers nonetheless panned the interview, including political analyst Joe Lockhart. Trump has not granted CNN an interview since he became president.

Some media critics disagreed with Darcy. Television veteran Greta Van Susteren opined that his analysis may have something to do with the president’s aversion to the network, writing on Twitter, “Eliciting information is the goal of an interview and not as Stelter thinks to ‘prosecute.’ Use of that term shows Stelter is in some game.”

CORRECTION: A previous version of this post misidentified the author of Tuesday evening’s newsletter as Brian Stelter. It has been updated to reflect that the newsletter was written by Darcy.

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