Capitol Police Officer Celebrated as Hero for Leading Violent Mob Away From Senate Chamber


A member of the United States Capitol Police is being hailed as a hero after he apparently led President Donald Trump’s supporters away from the U.S. Senate chambers during the storming of the Capitol.

Huffington Post reporter Igor Bobic was in the Capitol during the Trump-incited insurrection, and he shared numerous photos and videos to document the events that took place that day. One of the most alarming things he posted on Twitter was a video of Officer Eugene Goodman, who tried to confront the mob alone before they reached the Senate chamber.

The Washington Post reports that during the encounter between Goodman and the mob, other members of the Capitol police were “frantically racing around the chamber trying to lock down more than a dozen doors leading to the chamber floor and the galleries above.” The mob’s advance forced Goodman to retreat up the stairs, but the footage shows him shouting “second floor” into his radio, alerting his colleagues that the mob was getting closer to the Senate.

Goodman took another stand against the mob at the top of the steps, where he briefly turned to his left and saw that the main entrance to the chamber was not completely secure. Goodman then seemed to bait the leader of the crowd, identified as Doug Jensen, into following him away from the Senate doors and into another room where back-up was waiting for Goodman.

Jensen was arrested days later, as were other members of the mob who were identified and charged in connection to the riot.

Looking back on the chaos, Goodman’s actions appeared to buy the Capitol Police time to secure Congress and stopped the insurgency from possibly reaching lawmakers while they were still vulnerable. As such, numerous political observers have taken to Twitter to express their horror of what could’ve been, and to applaud Goodman for controlling the situation.

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