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Chris Cuomo Calls Out ‘Fringe Righties’ Willing to Sacrifice Greatest Generation for Early Economic Restart: ‘Money First, Mortality Second’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo took dead aim at an emerging talking point from the White House and “fringe righties” that argues the short-term health of the U.S. economy should take precedent over the long-term health of millions of elderly Americans who are at higher risk from dying of the coronavirus if they were to return to work.

In his “Closing Argument,” Cuomo keyed off President Donald Trump’s abrupt announcement on Tuesday that he’d strongly prefer it if the country returned to business as usual by Easter Sunday. When confronted by the press about such an accelerated restart of the economy, when the coronavirus contagion is still rapidly spreading throughout the country, Trump didn’t offer much in the way of scientific or medical justification.

“Based on what?” Cuomo shot back after a clip of Trump’s rosy assessment. “No expert backed him up on the Easter call, not one piece of science, not one projection. Now I’m not sure the president knows Easter’s theme. It’s rebirth and renewal. Assuming he does, why would he invite the opposite of rebirth and renewal. Fact, more than 100 Americans died from coronavirus today, more than 700 total. The virus is accelerating. So, with those as the facts, give me one…reason…it would be safe, smart or effective to reopen during the period of most cases?”

After another clip of Trump butchering an analogy, Cuomo lashed out at the “cure can’t be worse than the disease” construction he and the White House have adopted.

“He’s a fan of money first, mortality second,” Cuomo argued. “‘False choice!’ you say. ‘You can have both, protection and economy!’ you say. Then why are fringe righties saying they would rather do I than kill the country. Why is this lieutenant governor from Texas getting a primetime spot to say this to a silent State Newser?”

Cuomo then played a viral Fox News video from Monday night’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, where Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick seemingly volunteered millions of Americans for high-risk duty returning to work while the COVID-19 virus still raged.

“Hmm, kill my grandparents or my parents so we can get the economy back. Sounds pretty good!” Cuomo said, mocking the flawed logic behind Patrick’s rhetoric. “It’s absurd. We don’t put a price on people’s life. My answer has always been, ‘Then shoot me, because I am not going to shift my burden onto the people I love.’ As a people we should face things together because that is the only damn thing that has ever gotten us anywhere. Especially when we are far from the point of no return economically, but the same cannot be said about how we cannot press our luck with that pandemic.”

Cuomo concluded by noting the irony of asking the ‘Greatest Generation’ to step up and put their lives on the line once again.

“They are going to be sacrificed. For what? Fear over fact? The fear that Trump’s efforts to be president will be hurt? This is the worst job by him to divide us yet, taken to an existential plane,” Cuomo ranted. “You wear your hats, right, ‘Make America Great Again.’ Square that with this: America’s greatest generation, those we all talk about as our inspiration and rightly so. We are going to tell them we care about them the least. This pandemic is showing it all, warts and all, best and worst. It is a proving ground for everything about us, what choices our leaders make, what choices we make. They will all reflect what we are made of and we are better than this. We don’t choose who dies, we get through it together as ever, as one.”

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We get through I together as er as one.

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