Chris Cuomo Stunned by Trump 2020 Spox Repeatedly Claiming President Trump Has NEVER Lied: ‘Interview’s Over’


In a fiery, extraordinary back-and-forth on CNN’s Prime Time, host Chris Cuomo repeatedly pressed Trump 2020 campaign spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany to acknowledge the reality that President Donald Trump routinely misleads the public, but she instead insisted again and again that Trump has not once lied to the American public.

“This interview is over,” a stunned Cuomo responded. “He lies all the time and you know it.”

In fact, the Washington Post’s Fact-Checker has documented more than 12,000 lies by Trump since he came into office. And CNN’s own fact-checking reporter, Daniel Dale, has pointed to nearly 50 false claims by the president in just the last week.

But according to McEnany, it’s the press who lies constantly about Trump, taking his comments out of context.

“Time and time again. He’s frustrated with media coverage,” she said, before referring to one of Trump’s latest tweets where he said “Fox News isn’t working for us” anymore. “He’s fighting for the people in his movement. He didn’t say Fox News should work for him.”

When Cuomo had his graphics team put the exact words of Trump back up on screen, McEnany refused to acknowledge what viewers could plainly see. “Here we go again. This is more fake news,” she began.

“The tweet is right in front of their faces,” Cuomo exclaimed. “If he didn’t lie, if he didn’t take…”

“He doesn’t lie,” McEnany cut in. “He doesn’t lie. Guess who lies, the press lies.”

Cuomo then pushed McEnany several more times to back off her demonstrably untrue claim, but she instead doubled down.

“You don’t think the president has lied to the American people? He has never lied to the American people?” Cuomo pressed.

“No, I don’t think the president has lied,” McEnany said unequivocally, and she continued to cling to this obvious falsehood.

“Wow! That blew me IFB right out of my head,” said a stunned Cuomo in reaction, readjusting his earpiece. “Interview’s over, Kayleigh.”

“You will not have credibility with the audience. You got a long way to go, Kayleigh,” Cuomo added. “You may not like what I say, that doesn’t make it a lie. He lies all the time and you know it.”

“I think you should take a look in the mirror, Chris,” McEnany later shot back.

“I do. And I don’t like these lines,” Cuomo joked, before turning serious, “but I do like that I don’t lie to my audience every damn chance I get.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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