Cuomo Says Trump Did NOT Talk To Him About Quarantining NY, Doesn’t ‘Know How That Could Be Legally Enforceable’


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says that he didn’t speak with President Donald Trump about any potential quarantine of New York, despite the president telling reporters that there is a possibility that some time today the administration could impose such a quarantine and restrict travel to and from the state.

A reporter asked Cuomo about the remarks from the president about the quarantine, and Trump saying he talked to Cuomo about it. The governor said he talked to Trump about other things, including the hospital ship headed to New York City, but not “about any quarantine.”

“Have you had any indication that that’s a possibility for New York or parts of Connecticut,” the reporter asked in follow-up.

“No, I haven’t had those conversations. I don’t even know what that means,” said Cuomo.

A few minutes later another reporter followed-up, asking: “The president said he’s looking at some sort of enforceable quarantine for new York, New Jersey, parts of the tri-state area. Is that a sound policy from your perspective? Or would you advise against that?”

“I don’t even know what that means,” the governor said again. “I don’t know how that could be legally enforceable. And from a medical point view of, I don’t know what you would be accomplishing.”

“But I can tell you, I don’t even like the sound of it,” he added. “Not even understanding what it is, I don’t like the sound of it.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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