David Hogg Responds to Marjorie Taylor Greene After Video of Her Accosting Him Goes Viral: ‘They Were Killed Due to People Like You’


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David Hogg, a gun control activist who survived the 2018 Parkland school shooting, responded to a recently unearthed video of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene accosting him about her Second Amendment rights just weeks after the massacre occurred.

Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter was a victim of the shooting, shared the video of Greene, which shows her following and verbally accosting Hogg for at least 90 seconds:

“[Greene] is this you harassing [Hogg] weeks after the Parkland shooting, that my daughter was killed in & he was in?” Guttenberg’s caption read. “Calling him a coward for ignoring your insanity. I will answer all of your questions in person. Get ready to record again.”

Hogg later took to Twitter to address the video, revealing that Greene is “just 1/10 of 1% of the harassment advocates for gun control have to deal with.”

“You think we want to be doing this?” he added. “Fuck no — I’d much rather be able to be a college student but I & others can’t & you know why? Bc corrupt politicians like you have made it so it’s on the survivors of Gun violence to end gun violence bc you can’t do your damn job.”

Hogg placed the blame of school shootings on Greene, writing, “They were killed due to people like you refusing to do your job and protect kids not guns.”

“Everyday we are forced to act and fight through all our trauma to fight for those that can’t because they were killed,” he wrote.

Hogg concluded the thread by revealing that he has spent thousands on therapy due to the trauma of surviving a shooting — especially one that killed 17 of his teachers and peers — and due to the “harassment and threats” launched at him from people like Greene.

In the video of Greene, she alleged that Hogg “has got everything” he wanted due to “George Soros funding” and “major liberal funding,” claiming he was posing as a survivor because “he is paid to do this.”

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