comScore Don Jr. Posts ‘Kung-Flu’ Meme Showing Trump Kicking Covid-19

Don Jr. Posts ‘Kung-Flu Kid’ Meme Showing Donald Trump Karate Kicking The Coronavirus

Donald Trump Jr. posted a meme to his Instagram page Thursday morning depicting President Donald Trump superimposed onto the Karate Kid movie character, kicking the coronavirus in the head during the movie’s climactic showdown.


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Hahahahaha “The Kung-Flu Kid” Thanks @americanaf ????????

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Trump Jr. reposted the meme from the company “America As F*ck,” which sells politically incorrect merchandise, most recently pushing customers to buy a t-shirt calling Trump “The Kung Flu Kid.”

The Karate Kid meme edits the characters heads to feature Vice President Mike Pence as Mr. Miyagi and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden as the Cobra Kai leader.

Trump is imposed on Daniel LaRusso‘s body showing him karate chopping Sensei John Kreese, which has a coronavirus image superimposed onto the face.

Called for comment by Mediaite, “America As F*ck’s” voicemail message said, “Thank you for calling America As Fu*k…we are probably helping customers increase their freedom or out beating up terrorists…”

In the middle of March, an Asian-American White House reporter alleged that a Trump administration official used the term “kung flu” to her face, leading to massive backlash.

When asked if the term was offensive at a press conference, the president said no because the coronavirus originated in China.

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