Dr. Fauci Condemns Protesters Clamoring for End to Lockdown: Premature Reopening Will ‘Backfire’


Amid growing unrest in several states about the ongoing lockdown, Dr. Anthony Fauci is urging protesters not to demonstrate, and arguing that a premature reopening would “backfire.”

Appearing on Good Morning America Monday, George Stephanopoulos asked the infectious disease expert what his message is for those who have been protesting.

“I think the message is that, clearly, this is something that is hurting from the standpoint of economics, from the standpoint of things that have nothing to do with the virus,” Fauci said. “But unless we get the virus under control, the real recovery, economically, is not going to happen.”

Earlier in the interview, Fauci said that there are currently enough coronavirus tests for most states to reach phase one of the White House’s reopening protocol — despite protests from some governors to the contrary. Nonetheless, Fauci warned against a haphazard reopening.

“If you jump the gun and go into a situation where you have a big spike, you’re going to set yourself back,” he said. “So as painful as it is to go by the careful guidelines of gradually phasing into a reopening, it’s going to backfire [if you reopen prematurely]. That’s the problem.”

Rallies have taken place outside of several state capitols over the past few days. Notably, outside the Texas capitol building in Austin on Saturday, a sizable crowd gathered and chanted “Fire Fauci!” Infowars founder Alex Jones was among the protesters in attendance.

Watch above, via ABC.

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