Eddie Gallagher Trial Bombshell: SEAL Team Seven Medic Claims HE Killed ISIS Fighter


The trial of Navy SEAL accused war criminal Eddie Gallagher took a dramatic turn Thursday when a SEAL Team Seven medic revealed in testimony that he believes that he killed the teenaged ISIS fighter — and not Gallagher himself.

Gallagher was turned in by seven of his fellow Navy SEALs for a series of war crimes, including apparently shooting civilians for sport. SEALs said he used a sniper rifle to gun down a school-age girl and an old man. In 2017, SEALs told investigators, Gallagher walked up to a teenage ISIS fighter being treated by medics and stabbed the prisoner to death with a hunting knife.

In Thursday’s stunning testimony, combat medic Corey Scott testified on behalf of the prosecution that Gallagher had indeed stabbed the prisoner with a hunting knife. During cross-examination, however, he revealed that he put his thumb over a breathing tube after Gallagher stabbed the wounded fighter, causing his death by asphyxiation.

As Fox News’ Jonathan Hunt reports, Scott was asked by the defense lawyer the very straightforward question if “Gallagher killed this terrorist?” to which Scott answered: “No.” As Hunt claimed at the end of his report “this case is absolutely turned on its head this afternoon.”

The trial of the Gallagher ordeal has been something of a cause celebre for some on the right. Fox News host Pete Hegseth has defended the Naval SEAL and pressured President Donald Trump to pardon him in advance of the ongoing trial.

Watch Hunt’s report above via Fox News.


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