Florida Diner No Longer Welcoming Biden Supporters Following Kabul Blast


A Florida diner is no longer welcoming supporters of President Joe Biden following last week’s explosion outside the airport in the Afghan capital of Kabul that killed 13 U.S. service members.

“If you voted for and continue to support and stand behind the worthless, inept and corrupt administration currently inhabiting the White House that is complicit in the death of our servicemen and women in Afghanistan, please take your business elsewhere. God bless America and G-d bless our soldiers,” reads the sign in all capitalized letters outside DeBary Diner in DeBary, Florida.

The diner’s owner, Angie Ugarte, told Fox’s Orlando affiliate WOFL that she posted the sign on Thursday following that day’s explosion.

“I didn’t do it for anybody other than myself really,” she told the outlet.

“I felt like that was my only release,” she added. “Like it was the only thing I could do to show my support.”

Ugarte also said, “We all have to hold the government accountable. Whether you voted for him or not, it’s not being handled properly.”

The diner is frequented by veterans, Ugarte told WOFL, and it has a wall dedicated to the U.S. military.

Watch above, via WOFL.

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