Fox News, CNN, Other News Outlets Have Collectively Evacuated Hundreds of Afghan Journalists and Staff


Multiple media companies have successfully evacuated journalists from Afghanistan, including Afghan freelancers and interpreters.

News outlets that have helped with evacuation efforts include CNN, Fox News, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

On Reliable Sources, Brian Stelter shared that “CNN quietly helped ten Afghan colleagues leave the country in the past few days.”

“Many other newsrooms are working on the same thing,” he added. “This is, from what I’m hearing, excruciating and emotionally draining work, but it is necessary work.”

In a company-wide memo, CEO Suzanne Scott said, “FOX News Media has successfully evacuated three Afghan nationals who formerly served as freelance associates, as well as an Afghan colleague from a regional media company, along with their respective families (a total of 24 people) from Kabul, Afghanistan.”

“These associates include consultants who served as local producers, translators, drivers, and security guards supporting our correspondents throughout FOX’s coverage of the war in Afghanistan for nearly two decades.”

According to the Wall Street Journalas of Friday morning, the outlet had “facilitated the safe passage of its Afghanistan colleagues and their families, evacuating 76 people to Qatar.” An additional four individuals were flown out on Saturday.

The Times and Post had evacuated their staff earlier last week.

“Some 13 people, including an American correspondent, were able to board a U.S. military transport for a flight to safe haven in Doha, Qatar,” the Post previously reported.

The Times managed to evacuate 128 people with help from Qatar.

Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger said in a statement that the company was “deeply grateful” to the government of Qatar, “which has been truly invaluable in getting our Afghan colleagues and their families to safety.”

“We also thank the many U.S. government officials who took a personal interest in the plight of our colleagues and the military personnel in Kabul who helped them make their exit from the country,” he continued. “We urge the international community to continue working on behalf of the many brave Afghan journalists still at risk in the country.”

Stelter brought on Saad Mohseni, the owner of TOLOnews, Afghanistan’s first 24/7 news channel, to discuss how news will be covered now that Western outlets have pulled out from the country.

“Well, we have multiple challenges,” he said. “First and foremost, we have a lot of our colleagues who are actually at the airport attempting to leave. So we have to hire people, we have to hire new people. We have to keep the business going.”

“And at the same time, we have to manage the new regime in time, the Taliban,” Mohseni continued. “We’ve met with them a couple times. They actually dropped by yesterday and discussed how they intend keeping media free, and they intend respecting women’s rights. So for us, I mean, every single day is a new thing, so we just have to manage things on a day-to-day basis.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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