Fox’s Napolitano Knocks Giuliani’s Disastrous Media Blitz: His Lawyer’s Going to Say ‘Mr. Mayor, Zip It’


Judge Andrew Napolitano sharply criticized President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, for a disastrous series of wild, contradictory media interviews that have only fueled the firestorm engulfing the White House over the Ukraine-whistleblower scandal.

Speaking with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum, Napolitano complimented Giuliani as a “superb lawyer,” but nonetheless said it was a “mistake” to for the former New York City mayor to take on the role of Trump’s emissary to Ukraine in trying to dig up dirt on potential 2020 rival, Joe Biden. And Giuliani, Napolitano added, has only made things worse for his client with his incessant, bizarre on-air performances.

“It was a mistake to dispatch him on some kind of a diplomatic mission,” Napolitano said. The former judge then noted that Giuliani now has his own lawyer and that this counsel would likely try to limit Giuliani’s counterproductive media interviews going forward.

“As the president’s freelance emissary, [Giuliani] has incurred the wrath of the Attorney General, he has probably incurred the wrath of the Secretary of State. He doesn’t have a government job, he doesn’t have a national security clearance. He can be sued for any harm he causes. He doesn’t have government immunity. And unless he was actually practicing law, which doesn’t appear he was doing, he can be compelled to explain to the committee what he was doing,” Napolitano pointed out.

“I suspect we will start to hear less from Rudy because he now has a lawyer, a very fine, well experienced attorney — Jon Sale — who I’ve known him for a year and a lot of us have. He will say: ‘Mr. Mayor, zip it. Every time you talk you are giving me more agita and more things to worry about.'”

Watch the video above, via Fox News. 

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