GOP Senator Shouts at CNN Analyst Brian Karem for Aggressive Questioning on Trump Impeachment


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Playboy’s senior White House reporter and CNN analyst Brian Karem got into a heated exchange with GOP senators on Capitol Hill late Monday night over why President Donald Trump‘s former national security advisor John Bolton shouldn’t testify before the Senate.

The first exchange was between Karem and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) in which Karem asked, “is there any logical reason to not let Bolton testify?”

Cruz ignored the questioning before stepping up to the microphones.

Karem could then be heard interrupting Cruz, in which the senator fired back at, “Let me answer the question without you interrupting me…”

“I get that the press loves to obsess over the latest bombshell,” Cruz stated while continuing to speak to John Bolton’s new book release, “at the end of the day it doesn’t impact the legal issue before this Senate.”

In a follow-up video posted by Karem, other GOP senators, including Senator Mike Braun (R-IN) and Senator John Barrasso (R-WY), could be seen coming to Cruz’s defense against Karem’s strict and direct questioning regarding the impeachment process in the upper chamber and status of calling witnesses.

The back and forth between Karem and Barrasso then deteriorated to the two loudly talking over each.

Karem then asked Barrasso if it is “ok to ask for a favor from Ukraine?”

“The president actually has an obligation to protect the presidency and in terms of the three branches of government… the president has an obligation to do that, and using executive privilege is a part of that obligation,” Barrasso stated.

Karem then got in the last world yelling and asking, “Is it abuse of power to ask for a favor?”

Watch above, via Brian Karem.

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