Hannity Attacks ‘Lyin’ Brian’ Williams’ Embarrassing History After MSNBC Anchor Calls Out Fox News’ Obsessive Unmasking Coverage


Sean Hannity fired back at Brian Williams for his criticism of Fox News, dredging up the MSNBC host’s embarrassing history of being removed from the NBC evening news anchor desk for telling numerous false personal anecdotes.

During his Thursday night show, the Fox host attacked “lyin’ Brian” for “playing defense for the Deep State.” Hannity then played a short clip of Williams’ Wednesday night show, where he called out Fox News’ obsessive, “hours of programming” on the news that several Obama administration officials asked for the unmasking of the identity of a Trump transition team official — revealed to be Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn — who was heard by NSA foreign surveillance trying to set up a secret back channel to Russia. At the end of the clip, Williams’ guest, former CIA Director John Brennan, blasted the White House’s “politicization of the intelligence community,” since the NSA director ruled that all of the newly-revealed unmasking requests followed proper procedure.

After the clip, Hannity didn’t bother to address or debunk the criticisms raised by Williams and Brennan. Instead, the Fox host launched right into an ad hominem attack, proceeding to “once and for all” alert his viewers to the breaking news that, five years ago, Williams was suspended for six months — and subsequently permanently removed — from his prestigious Nightly News anchor post for telling serial fabrications and exaggerations in public appearances.

“We’re going to explain why you are a late-night cable host,” the Fox host said, not-so-subtly casting aspersions at numerous other non-daytime and primetime broadcasters, including those on his cable network. “Speaking of that, there’s a reason you don’t have any credibility and we don’t need lectures from you and you no longer have much of an audience, Why? Because you made a lot of stuff up and lied about your experiences.”

“You’re nothing but a fake news fraud that continues to spew nonstop hate and hysteria, attacking Trump, attacking Republicans, spreading conspiracy theories, smears…we don’t need lectures from you, Brian. By the way, your network should apologize for all the lies they told on Russia, all the conspiracy theories they spread. You are now part of that coverage. And there’s a reason, lyin’ Brian, why the NBC Nightly News is called NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt and not you.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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