Hillary Clinton Drags Peggy Noonan for Attacking Kamala Harris, Mocks Trump’s Attempts at Dancing


In an interview with former campaign compatriots Zerlina Maxwell and Jess McIntosh, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went off on “right-wing mouthpiece” Peggy Noonan for attacking Senator and vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris in a much-derided column, and mocked President Donald Trump’s dance moves.

On Wednesday morning’s edition of SiriusXM Progress channel 127’s Signal Boost, co-hosts Zerlina Maxwell — who also hosts her own eponymous show on NBC’s streaming Peacock platform — and Jess McIntosh — also a CNN political analyst — interviewed the ex-boss on a variety of current topics, including the latest shot at the glass ceiling.

Sec. Clinton told Zerlina that she’s “encouraged” because women running for president or vice president has become “normalized.”

“If it’s more normalized so that the women standing on the stage, they are of all sizes and shapes and different hairdos and different clothing choices,” Clinton said. “So it’s no longer everything focused on just one woman. And then I think the awareness of sexism and misogyny is so much greater.”

Clinton then turned her attention to the much-criticized Peggy Noonan column, in which the columnist attacked Sen. Harris as insubstantial, frivolous,” and “embarrassing” for dancing in the rain at a campaign rally. But in a twist, Sec. Clinton saw the episode as evidence of progress:

Just online in the last few days, a right-wing commentator was criticizing Kamala for dancing on stage, showing joy, being a happy warrior. And people just went nuts as they rightly should have because it happened to coincide with the absurd picture that we all saw of Donald Trump trying to dance.

And as far as I could read about what had been written and the comments to it, this commentator who sadly, unfortunately, is a woman, who’s been a right-wing Republican mouthpiece for a long time, she didn’t say how absurd it was to see Donald Trump kind of galumphing around the stage. It was all about Kamala.

‘Oh, can someone so frivolous, so prone to being happy, be our vice president?’ Give me a break.

So the outrage at that, the pushback at that is actually really encouraging to me.

So I do think Kamala is going to be our vice president, which is enormous in every historic sense we can think of. And then I think she’s going to acquit herself really well. I think she’s going to do an excellent job. I’ve known her for a long time. We talk all the time. I’m really enthusiastic about her becoming vice president and that will further normalize it. So as hard as 2016 was, and believe me, it was beyond painful. I think even though a lot of the people who were dumping on us all the time and making up stuff about me, will never admit they were wrong. They are making up for it by being somewhat more self-aware than they were four years ago, and that’s good.

Watch the clip above via SiriusXM.

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