House Judiciary Democrat Jamie Raskin Says ‘We Are in an Impeachment Investigation’ Now


Following Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony, House Judiciary Committee member Jamie Raskin (D-MD) says that Democrats are “in an impeachment investigation” already.

On Friday, members of the committee, led by Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY), held a press conference to discuss the next steps to take following Mueller’s testimony this week. At that press conference, Nadler announced that he will seek to have the Mueller investigation’s grand jury material released, and heavily suggested that an impeachment inquiry is basically already underway.

“I think too much has been made of the phrase an impeachment inquiry,” Nadler said. “We are doing what our court filing says we are doing, what I said we are doing, and that is to say we are using our full article one powers to investigate the conduct of the president, and to consider whether to, what remedies there are, among other things we will consider are obviously whether to recommend articles of impeachment.”

Raskin went a step further, saying “From my personal point of view, we are in an impeachment investigation.”

“There is no formal constitutional or statutory or even the House rule for how an impeachment inquiry is to begin, and so it means different things to different people,” Raskin said. “A lot of people believe we’ve been in an impeachment inquiry since we started looking into potential high crimes and misdemeanors and the misconduct of the executive branch, other people think impeachment inquiry doesn’t begin until we actually have articles of impeachment.”

“I would say we are in impeachment investigation,” he continued, adding, “it could lead to articles and peacemen or could lead to something else. But from my personal standpoint, I think we are in an impeachment investigation.”

Watch the clip above, via Politico.

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