‘I’m Shocked!’ Trump Attorney Mocks Kaitlan Collins In Testy Exchange Over Bombshell Reporting


Trump attorney Jim Trusty mocked CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins over her reporting on a piece of bombshell evidence in the case against ex-President Donald Trump.

Trump himself broke the blockbuster news Thursday that he has been indicted in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into classified documents under the Espionage Act, news that shook the political world.

On Thursday night’s edition of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Collins scored a major coup when she interviewed Trusty for the first time since news of the indictment broke.

The interview was contentious at times, with Trusty rattling off wild claims and renewing his charge that Smith and his team have been leaking to the press — a charge, Trusty noted, that he and Collins tussled over during another interview last week.

Collins again defended her reporting, drawing a mocking and sarcastic response from Trusty:

COLLINS: What does Tuesday look like? Does he — does he — I know he’s in New Jersey right now.

I was told a lot of the attorneys aren’t there in New Jersey with him. Walk me through what Tuesday looks like. Does he go straight to the courthouse? Do we expect him to be arrested? What are your expectations?

TRUSTY: Yes, I don’t want to get crazy specific. I mean, look, I think Secret Service would not be thrilled with me for that. So, you really can’t telegraph all of the logistics of what’s going to happen.

COLLINS: Well, your client posted on social media that it was happening at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

TRUSTY: Right.

I’m not — we’re not hiding the court appearance, Kaitlan. I’m talking about, where does he come from, what time does he show up? That kind of stuff needs to be kind of close-hold between the Marshals and Secret Service.

In terms of the hearing itself, it should be a fairly routine hearing. We still have to iron out some — we have to have some conversations with DOJ to see if they will be remotely reasonable about things like conditions of release and setting a timetable.

But, look, the hearing itself is actually a pretty typical thing. It’s just an atypical prosecution, an atypical defendant. But on the logistics of it, we will work that out.

The one thing you did mention, an arrest. There’s not going to be an arrest. This is coming in on a summons. That was appropriate. This is not somebody who’s going to flee. This is not somebody that poses a danger to the community, which are the factors that you would normally consider when you’re talking about release, so, again, no arrest, no warrant, none of that kind of nonsense.

But we will go through the bureaucratic process we have to on Tuesday.

COLLINS: He announced this publicly. Was that against your advice?

TRUSTY: Well, even if it was, I would not get into that.

I mean, look, DOJ has leaked stuff every day of the week in this case. You and I kind of butted heads on that maybe about a week ago, but including pressuring that very…

COLLINS: Yes, because I told you it was because of good reporting that we learned more.

TRUSTY: Of course. Well, I’m shocked that CNN said they had good reporting! You stunned me with that!

COLLINS: We do have good reporting.

Watch above via Anderson Cooper 360.

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