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Jake Tapper Presses Cuomo on ‘Multi-Millionaire’ NBA Players Being Tested for Coronavirus Amid Shortages: ‘Seems Really Obscene’

CNN anchor Jake Tapper pressed New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on why so many multi-millionaire NBA players have been able to get tested for the coronavirus amid widespread shortages nationwide: “It seems obscene.”

Tapper pressed the governor on COVID-19 testing access after the latest news that Brooklyn Nets All-Star Kevin Durant, along with three other players on the team, tested positive for the coronavirus. The league abruptly suspended its season last week after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert was confirmed to have the virus after both teams were tested. The NBA has also announced players have

After noting that health care workers across the nation all still complaining about not being able to be tested, Tapper asked Cuomo about the seemingly easy access to the tests that pro athletes are enjoying.

“The Brooklyn Nets, they’re called now, there are four players on the Brooklyn Nets, who have tested positive, including your star player Kevin Durant, tested positive for coronavirus” Tapper noted. “A question I think a lot of people have out there who are not able to get the tests, or they’re able to get access to the test but they’re not able to get the results back. How are all these multi-millionaire professional athletes getting access to these tests and getting results so quickly? I know we have a healthcare system where those with means enjoy much better care than those without, but this seems really obscene.”

“We’re up to about 10,000 tests. We have the capacity to do 6,000 tests a day,” Cuomo said. “I went to the federal government and said ‘Get out of the testing business. Decentralize to the states.’ I said ‘Let the states do the testing.’ The numbers have spiked dramatically. Jake, if you fit the protocol, you can get a test. You don’t want to fit the protocol. Fever, been to a country that had an outbreak, been in the company of someone who tested positive. You fit the protocol, you can get the test.”

“There are a lot of people out there who fit the protocol and are not able to get the test or not able to get the test results,” Tapper pointed out, fact-checking Cuomo’s claim. “You said it all needs to improve. Governor Cuomo, we wish you and Mayor [Bill] de Blasio and President [Donald] Trump all the best as you engage in the effort to save us from this horrific virus. Thank you for your time.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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