Joe Biden Has Faint Praise for Bernie Sanders: ‘We Could Run Mickey Mouse’ and Have a Shot to Beat Trump


Former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden tried to be diplomatic when asked if he thought Democrats would lose the election with Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as the nominee, but his expression of confidence in a hypothetical Sanders-Trump matchup was decidedly backhanded.

On Tuesday morning’s edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the erstwhile veep kicked off the last few hours of the New Hampshire primary with an extensive interview that included questions about the viability of Bernie Sanders, who leads the state handily.

“Would a Bernie Sanders at the top of the ticket make it more likely that Democrats would lose important swing states, and Mitch McConnell will become the majority leader again?” co-host Joe Scarborough asked Biden.

Biden joked with Scarborough about Florida essentially being “Southern Alabama,” and said “Look I mean, I just don’t see, Bernie’s a decent guy. Bernie is has labeled himself a Democratic socialist.”

“Now I don’t know anywhere in the South or in those states we have to win to win back those Senate seats, where that’s going to be a helpful label to carry into an election.=,” Biden continued, and noted “it’s not what I’ve pinned on him, it’s Bernie.”

HE went on to ask “How does somebody run and not have that label attached to them?”

Co-host Willie Geist told Biden that “James carville and other Democrats recently have put a finer point on it, saying we cannot nominate Bernie Sanders or we’ll lose. People are not going to vote for socialism, he said.”

“Do you agree with that, that Bernie Sanders is the nominee, Democrats will lose?” Geist asked.

“I refuse to suggest any Democrat can lose,” Biden said, then added “I think, you know, we could run Mickey Mouse against this president and have a shot.”

Senator Sanders has said he plans to fight Trump’s attacks by explaining the difference between “Democratic socialism” and the other kind, and by labeling Trump a socialist for wealthy people and corporations.

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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