Joe Scarborough Pitches Mike Bloomberg as the Next Trump: Rise in Polls ‘Seems Pretty Familiar’

Morning Joe host and recovering ex-Republican Joe Scarborough compared former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s rise in Democratic primary and general election polls to President Donald Trump rise to the top of the Republican field in 2016, saying the Bloomberg bump “seems pretty familiar.”

On Thursday morning’s edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Scarborough took notice of a new Monmouth University poll that shows Bloomberg polling in fourth place with nine percent, as well as a CNN general election poll that shows Bloomberg thumping Trump by nine points — a margin equaled only by former Vice President Joe Biden.

Scarborough said Bloomberg’s surgelet “seems familiar what people said about another New York millionaire, or billionaire, whatever Donald Trump is, back in the early stages of his campaign,” and added that Bloomberg is apparently “about to get in the double digits.”

Co-host Willie Geist noted that Bloomberg “doesn’t have the celebrity Donald Trump had in 2016, and you could argue that the field is much more formidable than the one Donald Trump faced in 2016,” but predicted a potential Bloomberg victory if the Democratic field is “fractured,” and Bloomberg is left with the argument that “the Democratic Party hasn’t made up its mind. Here I am. I can beat Donald Trump.”

Scarborough took another dig at Trump’s alleged wealth, noting that Bloomberg has “way more money” than Trump.

There are more key differences between Trump and Bloomberg, beyond Bloomberg’s greater wealth and lack of a Mexican rapist chunk in his stump speech.

By this time in 2016, Donald Trump had led the Republican field for several months already, and was close to doubling the support of his nearest competitor, Senator Ted Cruz. By contrast, Biden has more than triple Bloomberg’s support in the Monmouth poll, and quadruples him in the RealClearPolitics average.

And while Bloomberg has already spent a cool quarter-bill, Trump was outspent by almost every one of his GOP primary rivals. Trump’s appeal to Republican voters, whatever it was, was already well-established by this time in 2016.

Bloomberg’s placement in the polls is impressive, but it may be a bit early to break out the catastrophic balloon drop.

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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