‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Dad Says He Wants to Meet Trump, Run for Office


The man who prompted President Joe Biden to say “Let’s go Brandon” revealed on Tuesday that he’s praying about a run for political office.

“I want to pray about it, see what God has for me,” the man, Jared Schmeck, said in reference to his political ambitions in an interview with Todd Starnes. 

“At the end of the day, I want His will for my life and the direction that it goes,” Schmeck added. “And I strongly believe that standing up is the right thing to do here as long as that message that I’m portraying is glorifying His name. And yeah, I’ll see where it goes.”

“Something tells me if you do run, you’ll be invited to a certain place in Florida,” Starnes said, to which Schmeck replied, “I would be honored.”

Schmeck rose to fame on Dec. 24 when he successfully called into NORAD’s “Santa tracker” hotline event with Biden. He ended the call by repeating the “Let’s go Brandon” catchphrase, prompting Biden to say “Let’s go Brandon, I agree.”

Biden’s critics popularized the phrase this year as a euphemism for a profane reference to his presidency, while Democrats have compared it to “burning the flag.”

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