Mayor Bill de Blasio Catches Hell for Threatening to Arrest Jewish Citizens Who Gather in Large Groups


Mayor Bill de Blasio is getting blowback for threatening to arrest Jewish citizens of New York City who appeared to ignore social distancing orders while mourning the death of a recently passed rabbi.

Supporters of Rabbi Chaim Mertz, who reportedly died from the coronavirus, gathered Tuesday evening to mourn the passing of the religious leader, flouting the social distancing guidelines put forth by both state and city municipalities.

The New York City mayor put out three tweets about what he deemed to be an “absolutely unacceptable” gathering aiding the coronavirus outbreak and ultimately threatened arrest of those who ignored his order. Images of the funeral gathering:

De Blasio’s first tweet put his order in context:

The following up tweets addressed members of the “Jewish community” who ignored warnings and included his instructions to the NYPD to summons or arrest those who gathered in large groups:

His last tweet in the thread reiterated the context:

But as is often the case on Twitter, context is often lost. And the second tweet, even in context, was a questionable targeting of “members of the Jewish community” followed by a threat to arrest them by the NYPD. This was not lost on many who expressed ridicule and outrage over de Blasio’s tone-deaf tweet. To wit:

This thread is about context, also:

The NYPD later confirmed to numerous outlets that while they dispersed the crowd, no arrests were made.

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