Nebraska State GOP Senator: Republican Party is ‘COMPLICIT’ in ‘Enabling White Supremacy’

Nebraska State Senator John McCollister is getting national attention after posting a Twitter thread calling out the Republican party for “enabling White Supremacy in our country.” McCollister is himself a member of the Republican party, but made clear that “When the history books are written, I refuse to be someone who said nothing.”

As a “lifelong Republican, McCollister clarified that it pained him to say something that appears to be politically inexpedient for him, and before saying that  clear that “he Republican Party is COMPLICIT to obvious racist and immoral activity inside our party.” He then added that “of course” he was not “suggesting that all Republicans are white supremacists nor am I saying that the average Republican is even racist.”

Before finishing with a comparison to President Abraham Lincoln, McCollister added “The time is now for us Republicans to be honest with what is happening inside our party. We are better than this and I implore my Republican colleagues to stand up and do the right thing.”

Read the entire Twitter thread embedded below:

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