Obama Takes a Veiled Swipe at Trump on Coronavirus: ‘While We Continue to Wait for a Coherent National Plan…’


(JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Former President Barack Obama took a veiled swipe at his successor, President Donald Trump, Wednesday afternoon over what he called a lack of a “coherent national plan” for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

“While we continue to wait for a coherent national plan to navigate this pandemic, states like Massachusetts are beginning to adopt their own public health plans to combat this virus––before it’s too late,” Obama wrote in a message on Twitter.

Obama’s former vice president, Joe Biden, has adopted a similar line of criticism in his campaign. Deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield said in a statement earlier in the month that “the Obama-Biden administration … wrote a literal playbook for pandemic response, but unfortunately Trump’s administration left it on the shelf.” She added that the U.S. has “more coronavirus cases than any other country,” an assertion widely questioned by experts.

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