Reps. Gohmert, Gaetz Accused of Trespassing After Trying to Enter DC Jail to Visit January 6 Defendants


A group of House Republicans were rejected and accused of trespassing by a detention facility in Washington, D.C. on Thursday as they attempted to visit some of those arrested for playing a role in January’s unrest in the capital.

The group included Reps. Louie Gohmert (TX), Matt Gaetz (FL), Paul Gosar (AZ), and Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA). Footage of the morning incident showed Gohmert and Greene being intercepted by a guard when they attempted to enter the building, telling them, “You right now are obstructing the entrance into this facility. This is the way people enter.”

Greene protested that they were not there to obstruct the entrance. “Right now, that’s what you’re doing,” the guard replied as she departed to find a supervisor.

Conservative media followed the group, including One America News Network and and the Rightside Broadcasting Network, which hosts a right-wing YouTube channel. “If that attitude is any indication of how they’re treating their prisoners inside, I have great concerns,” Greene told the group. Gohmert subsequently stepped up to deliver comments that were periodically interrupted by shouting from inside the facility.

“If they can consider us trespassers — [we] fund this facility, have top-secret clearance…” Gohmert said, before pausing amid shouts in the background. “We do inspect facilities, and I’ve never, ever — in the years I’ve been in Congress — ever run into an issue like this until this administration took over.”

To date, the Justice Department has reported arresting 535 people in connection with January 6. Republicans have been asking the Justice Department to respond to questions about the prisoners without success. Some of the defendants have alleged inhumane conditions, including Ryan Samsel, who was held in the D.C. facility on charges that he assaulted or interfered with a federal agent.

An attorney for Samsel alleged in April that he may lose his vision in one eye after he was “viciously and savagely” beaten by a correctional officer, though the Justice Department has denied the charge.

Watch above via RSBN.

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