‘Series of Severe Missteps’: CNN Media Reporter Oliver Darcy Torpedoes Axed CNN Chief Chris Licht’s Tenure


CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy delivered a fairly brutal assessment of ousted CEO Chris Licht’s tenure at the network as a “series of missteps” marked by “shrinking profits” and “really low” morale.

The shocking, if not surprising, news of Licht’s ouster broke Wednesday morning, placing Darcy once again in the awkward position of reporting on news about his own network.

On Wednesday morning’s edition of CNN News Central, just weeks after Darcy was reportedly scolded by Licht over his reporting on the Trump town hall, the chief media reporter delivered the news with appropriate solemnity — and no sugarcoating:

KATE BOLDUAN: Some news this morning involves involving our network. CNN’s chairman and CEO Chris Licht is leaving the company. He took over the post just over one year ago. CNN’s Oliver Darcy joins us now for more. Oliver, what are you learning about this?

OLIVER DARCY: That’s right, Kate. Chris Licht, the embattled chairman and CEO of CNN, whose tenure was really marked by a series of severe missteps.

He will be departing the company effective immediately. That’s according to chief executive David Zaslav, who heads the parent company Warner Brothers Discovery. He made that announcement to staffers on the daily editorial call and said that he has implemented three seasoned executives to take hold of the company. In the interim, those executives include Amy Entelis, Virginia Moseley and and Eric Sherling, and they’ll lead the company alongside newly installed chief operating officer David Leavy.

This really caps a tumultuous year for CNN that has seen shrinking profits, programing missteps and really low employee morale. And so David Zaslav is hoping that these three executives who he’s installing can really right the ship and get everything back on track before a new leader is ultimately named.

He said that process, that search process for the new network chief will not happen overnight. It will take some time. And so they’re hoping they can right this ship and get back to the news. CNN has been breaking a lot of news lately, and they want that to be the focus of the organization.

KATE BOLDUAN: And all of those people you listed, we know very well here at CNN. Oliver, thank you very much for the reporting, John.

Watch above via CNN News Central.

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