Stacey Abrams Repeats Claim 2018 Election Was Stolen From Her Under Questioning From Ted Cruz


Stacey Abrams said Tuesday she still believes Georgia’s 2018 gubernatorial election was “stolen” from her.

“You still refuse to concede that you lost the race for governor in Georgia in 2018,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in a question to Abrams during a hearing of a Senate Judiciary Committee panel, where Abrams was testifying. “Yes or no, today, do you still maintain the 2018 Georgia election was stolen?”

Abrams replied, “I acknowledged at the very beginning that [Georgia Gov.] Brian Kemp won under the rules that were in place. What I objected to were rules that permitted thousands of Georgia voters to be denied their participation in this election, to have their votes cast out.” She said she was advocating for a system that permitted “every eligible Georgia” to vote when Cruz interjected.

“I’m going to ask you to please answer the question I asked, which was — yes or no — do you still maintain the 2018 election was stolen?” Cruz said. “That’s your language.”

“My full language was that it was stolen from the voters of Georgia,” Abrams replied. “We do not know what they would have done, because not every eligible Georgian was permitted to participate fully in the election.”

The exchange came during a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee on voting laws. Abrams lost Georgia’s 2018 gubernatorial election to Kemp, a Republican, by a little more than 1 percent of the vote. However, she took issue with Kemp’s handling of certain aspects of the electoral process, which he was charged with overseeing as Georgia’s then-secretary of state.

Watch above via the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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