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‘They Feel Great About Today’: Axios’ Swan Says Trump Team Pleased With First Impeachment Hearings

Axios’s Jonathan Swan reported that, after the first day of impeachment hearings of President Donald Trump, the White House was pleased with the outcome and the unified front presented by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee.

Speaking with Fox News anchor Bret Baier, Swan said that, after talking with members of Trump’s inner circle,”they feel really great about today.” This White House optimism, however, was more about its partisan firewall of loyalty holding fast in Congress rather than the the House Republicans’ ability to disprove or undermine the evidence presented against the president. In fact, the first day of public impeachment hearings uncovered a damning new detail, in which acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor implicated Trump in further attempts to extort Ukraine into conducting “investigations” of the Bidens.

“The White House was pretty disorganized and dysfunctional until pretty recently on this,” Swan said. “They’ve only just started to assemble a team. But they are in a strong position. They know that Republicans are in lockstep. That vote in the house, zero Republicans defecting…”

“That was the big moment,” Baier said.

“That was the big moment,” Swan agreed. “That is when they breathed a big sigh of relief, because they had been watching a few of these House Republicans going around and saying things and they were quite nervous that there was going to be a substantial defection in the Senate. All signs they have at the moment are that’s not going to happen.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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