Trump Ranked WORST Living Former President — But He Did Beat Three Dead Ones


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Former President and current Florida resort proprietor Donald Trump, made his first appearance on C-Span’s Presidential Historians Survey, where he ranked dead last among living ex-presidents, far below top-ranked former President Barack Obama.

C-Span has conducted the survey every four years since 2000 by having historians, professors and other professional observers of the presidency rank all former presidents in ten categroies, then ranking them by the total scores based on averages from each category.

President Obama moved into the top 10 for the first time with a total score of 664, receiving his highest marks in the “Pursued Equal Justice For All” category, and his lowest in “Relations with Congress.”

Trump came in at number 41, according to C-Span’s chart, which put him in a tie with 42nd-ranked former President Franklin Pierce at 312 total points. But the exact tabulation of their averages shows Trump edged Pierce by 2/10 of one point, scoring an even 312 to Pierce’s 311.8. Trump’s highest marks were in “Public Persuasion” and his lowest were for “Moral Authority.”

Pierce’s lowest score was for “Pursued Equal Justice For All” with 23 points, even lower than Trump’s 27.6-point score in the same category.

So which presidents were worse than Trump? According to the 142 historians who responded to the survey, Andrew Johnson (43rd) and James Buchanan (44th) weren’t just worse than Trump, they were A LOT worse. Trump enjoys nearly a 100 point lead over the pair.

But Trump has his work cut out for him on the ranking of living U.S. presidents. He’s got to climb 183 points and 12 slots to get past former President George W. Bush, who has actually improved since his debut at number 36 on the survey in 2009, and 33rd place in 2017.

Former President Bill Clinton dropped to number 19 after peaking at 14th in 2009 and edging down to 15th in 2017, while President Jimmy Carter moved up one spot to 26th.

You can check out all of the results here.

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